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Our app development approaches

Following are the two key application development approaches

Native app development

Native apps showcase a tendency to take full advantage of all features offered by a specific operating system, like iOS, Android, or Windows. It is a great option when you need to target a specific type of mobile users. It requires separate technology stacks, development kits, and development environment.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid mobile app development makes use of standard web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. The shared code is enfolded in a native container using variant tools and shipped as a regular app. One of the biggest advantages of a hybrid app is its reduced cost to build and run.

Experience the best to

Scale and Optimize your Product


Brand Value

Improve your effective frequency or brand value with an aesthetically designed mobile app with features users would love

Customer Engagement

A smart way to engage with mobile consumers by making products or services available at their fingertips

Marketing Funnel

Promote, share and keep consumers informed about the latest developments, an effectively ubiquitous marketing funnel




MOBILE APP Designing

MOBILE APP Development

APP SUPPORT & Maintenance


Accelerate Value

Through Advanced Strategies

Draw on our expertise and knowledge, our mobile app developers are dedicated to delivering differentiation for your brand. Along with modern infrastructure, we are equipped with the latest tools and technologies which can be easily integrated with big data, sensor technology, and Argumented reality to develop real-world applications. As a renowned mobile app development company, we offer an end-to-end enterprise digital solutions for a multitude of industries including real estate, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education and more.
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marktico believes that user empathy is an integral component of the entire development process

Material Design

For Multiple Platforms

A visual concept material design defines the ways app should look and behave. Integrating the technology, marktico adds a unique element to its design giving a superb UX appeal to your app.

Break conventions with iOS apps


Use design support library to complement Android framework


Powers Windows to deliver stunning visual experience

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Marktico is doing some great work on a customer facing website. We are very pleased with the interactions and outcome - and they have a great team to work with. We continue to bank on them for this major long term project.

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